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History of Licensing Trusts

The anti liquor feeling in the early 1900's promoted the concept of Licensing Trusts as a form of public ownership.
It is based on:

  1. The sale of liquor in a particular area being controlled by the people in the community through elected representatives.

  2. Profits from the sale of liquor are redirected into providing excellent facilities, and are returned to the community by way of support for community projects.

The first licensing trust in New Zealand was established in Invercargill in 1944, and in 1949 the Licensing Trust Act was passed. There are now 22 licensing trusts in New Zealand.

Mataura Licensing Trust 

The Mataura Licensing Trust was established 1955. We now operate 12 outlets with a combined annual turnover of approximately $20 million.
We employ around 170 people in Eastern Southland and West Otago.
We have 9 publicly elected board members from this district who set policy and distribute to the community grants, donations and sponsorships.
The 9 board members elect a President and a Vice President, who hold office for a three year term. 
As an organisation we pay taxes and duties and are subject to an annual audit. We are also subject to those sections of the Sale of Liquor Act which relate to the conduct of licensed premises.

M.L.T. Operational Principles

  • To exceed the quality of service expected by our guests.

  • To operate as an integral part of our community.

  • To be innovative and continually improve our Trust.

  • To maintain our premises to the highest standards, and to develop new operations as the market demands.

  • To create an environment that encourages social enjoyment.

  • To be an excellent employer.

  • To sell alcohol responsibly, supporting programs that discourage alcohol abuse.

  • To operate at all times with moral responsibility and integrity.

  • To be profit orientated, seeking a fair return on capital.

  • To fully support the local community by the distributions of profits.

  • To be fully accountable to the community.

M.L.T. Mission Statement

To operate a responsible and profitable service in the hospitality industry for the benefit of the community.

Commercial Operations

Central Distribution
Forest Lodge Hotel
Falls Hotel
Gore Liquorland
Heartland Hotel Croydon
Howl at the Moon
Longford Tavern
Pioneer Tavern & Edendale Motels
Super Liquor
Thomas Green
Three Rivers Hotel
Tokanui Tavern

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